Police probe ‘hazing’ videos

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Police chiefs are investigating at least four separate videos in which recruits were apparently subjected to hazing and other forms of abuse by trainers.

Hazing – a form of initiation – refers to willful acts, with or without the consent of the individual involved, intended to ridicule or humiliate and which occasionally result in physical injury.

In at least one of the videos a young recruit can be seeing stuffing clothes pins into his mouth in a room with about five other trainees.

As he struggles to make room for more, a voice can be heard in the background taunting him and urging him on.

While the visibly terrified recruit struggles, another voice in the background hurls profanities at him while another tells him to answer a sergeant despite his stuffed mouth.

Several residents have expressed outrage on social media calling on Police Commissioner Atlee Rodney to take urgent action on what they deemed a disgusting, shocking and vulgar training tactic.

Others have also pledged to formally write to international human rights organisations to highlight the issue.

The Police Commissioner told Observer he is investigating.

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