Police probe Cedar Grove shooting

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The police are searching for a man who allegedly shot another after a fete this week-end.
Based on reports from a high-ranking police official, Dorian Marshall received a single gunshot wound to the left knee and is currently nursing the wound at the Mount St John’s Medical Centre (MSJMC).
Information received from a source close to the investigation has indicated that 36-year-old Marshall was walking towards his car at the Cedar Grove playing field around 5:30 am, shortly after the Blue Jeans fete had come to an end, when a man walked up to him and his girlfriend and opened fire.
The sound of the shots caused people who were nearby to scamper for cover to avoid injury.
According to reports, at least six rounds of ammunition were fired.
OBSERVER media understands that the injury Marshall sustained is serious but not life threatening.
Marshall is out on bail after he had been arrested and jointly charged along with three others with kidnapping.
He,  along with Shalom Bailey, Jason Millette and Jamele “Marlo” Hurst allegedly held a Bendals’ man at gun point on February 8, 2017.
Reports on the incident also indicated that the young man had refused to let the men use his mother’s vehicle to commit a robbery.
Marshall was also found not guilty of robbery in 2010 by a 12-member jury for an incident reported in December 2008 despite police giving evidence that he had been caught under the bed of a Kentish Road couple’s home with several items belonging to them.

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