Police probe bloody house, missing man

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The discovery of a large amount of blood in the home and vehicle of a Bathlodge man, whose whereabouts were unknown, up to press time, continued to baffle lawmen who are investigating the circumstances.
Police officers close to the probe told OBSERVER media that the family of 42-year-old Charlesworth Franklyn Richards also known as “Twin”, “Junie” and “Boss” reported him missing yesterday, about 24 hours after they last saw him.
Investigators responded to the report at around 8 am on Thursday, and according to a source, they made the unexpected discovery when they arrived on the scene.
The individual, who did not wish to be named, said the police found a pool of blood and blood spots inside Richards’ house and at the main entrance.
They also found blood in one of his vehicles, which was later discovered in Radio Range later yesterday.
When OBSERVER media visited the scene, police officers from the Special Services Unit were gathering evidence and making attempts to secure the area.
A source close to the family also revealed that the missing person’s report was filed by a female friend of Richards.
It was reported that the woman alerted the police after he failed to pick her up from work on Tuesday after her shift ended at 10 pm, and after repeated calls to his phone went unanswered.
Lawmen said it was too early to determine if the blood found on the premises and vehicle belonged to Richards.
They also reported that, based on the amount of blood found at each location, someone had been seriously injured.
Richards is said to be about 6 feet tall and dark in complexion.

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