Police pledge to enforce alcohol sale ban over Easter

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The Police have said they would again be enforcing a law that forbids the sale of alcohol during the upcoming Easter holidays and warned people of the consequences of shirking the law.

Police spokesman Senior Sergeant William Holder said, “From Thursday to Friday midnight, no sale of alcohol will be permitted.”

A police notice also states, “The owners/operators of Clubs, Taverns, Supermarkets, Shops or any other places where licenses are granted for the sale of alcohol and alcoholic beverages are warned that no alcohol must be sold on the whole of Good Friday, starting from midnight Thursday, up until midnight Friday.”

It continues, “Anyone failing to comply with the provisions under this Act will face the full consequences of the law, as well as have their liquor licenses revoked.”

Holder urged those drinking to find a sober driver and said it is also important for people to secure their homes.

“If you plan to consume alcoholic beverage or anything that will affect your driving ability … we would advise that you have a designated driver who would not be partaking of any of those substances,” said Holder.

“Also, make sure your homes are secured. If you have neighbours who will not be going out, inform them to make sure your home is secured,” he added.

Friday, April 18, is Good Friday and Monday, April 21, is Easter Monday, both public holidays.

The enforcement of the liquor ban comes under the Licensing (Intoxicating Liquor) Act, cap 249, 32.