Police investigating ‘lewd’ carnival video

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Police officials have confirmed that they have launched an investigation into a viral social media video that captured two j’overt morning revelers engaging in a lewd act.
A senior police officer told OBSERVER media that, “I was very disgusted. Even if this has been happening for years, technology has increased and the police have improved its efficiency in the gathering of evidence. Now we have social media and people are recording the evidence.”
Assistant Commissioner of Police, Clayton Davis, later confirmed that “the police are looking into the matter; we have seen the evidence, and based on that, we are investigating.”
In the video posted online, a man is seen simulating oral sex on a female reveler whom we understand is his girlfriend. The sexual hijinks only end after a concerned reveler intervenes and separates the duo.
Former Commissioner of Police, Rolston Pompey, said on the Voice of the People yesterday that he was happy the video was captured so that lawmen can know exactly where to look while conducting their investigation.
Having only seen the social media video on Sunday, Pompey described it as reckless public behaviour.
He said that chapter 405 of the laws of Antigua & Barbuda take into account the fact that police may not be able to capture offenders in the act, but provision is made for the public to monitor and report obscene and unseemly behaviour.
The former top cop noted that anyone convicted of public lewdness or obscenity faces up to one month in prison.
He added that intoxication is no excuse for such behaviour in the public domain.
The video was broadcast on some news outlets in the region, and prompted many to question the seemingly deteriorating standards in our culture and carnival traditions.

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