Police investigate suspected suicide

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Family members of 72- year-old Conrad Parker, who was found hanging in his John Hughes home yesterday, are drawing on the strong support of neighbours and close friends to get them through the very tragic ordeal.
According to information received from the police, Parker’s wife made the discovery shortly after 6 am yesterday, after she had gone in search of him after he failed to show up for breakfast.
Reports are that he was found unresponsive, in a sitting position in a closet and it appeared he had hanged himself with a tie. Police are treating the death as a suspected suicide.
Neighbours and wellwishers who gathered at the scene on Wednesday rallied around the grieving family, some of whom sobbed openly while police conducted their investigations.
The atmosphere became even more tense when undertakers from Straffie’s Funeral Home were in the process of transporting the body down a hill to a waiting hearse.
A source close to the family said he was getting ready to visit the family when he received the phone call advising him of Parker’s death.
The man, who did not wish to be named, said he last spoke to the deceased on Tuesday night. “I was going to have a shower when I got the call, and I immediately paused in disbelief.
It took me a little while to collect myself to prepare for the journey,” he said. He further explained that Parker was ailing and had suffered two strokes in recent times
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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