Police intensify operations to increase national security

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By Makeida Antonio

In the lead-up to Antigua and Barbuda’s Carnival 2019, the police have already begun to strategise in order to ensure that patrons and residents remain safe during the festivities.

This is according to Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Inspector Frankie Thomas who has assured the public that plans are in place to mitigate crime during the carnival season.

“There doesn’t have to be any particular event for the police to make their presence felt. In terms of activities that are taking place leading up to Carnival, already there are plans being put in place to look into these matters, more so to avoid or to prevent any of these types of offences like breaking into vehicles or any threat to security.”

He said at this time, the police are simply asking the public to cooperate with their operations as this will assist greatly in the effort to perform their duties.

“Already, we would have put measures in place to deal with these situations. We just ask the general public to lend us their assistance because at the end of the day, if we don’t have the cooperation in terms of taking heed or adhering to crime prevention tips or safety tips that we issue from time to time, it would all be futile.”

This year’s Carnival was launched in May with the well-anticipated activities scheduled to take place from July 25th to August 6th.

Meanwhile, police have advised players and spectators of sports at Antigua Recreation Grounds and YMCA to park their vehicles in well illuminated areas.

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