Police hunt for shooter who killed man and injured his son and friend

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No suspects were in police custody up to last night for the shooting death of Campbell Jackson and the shooting of his son, national footballer Jari Jackson and his friend Tevin George.
And contrary to information making the rounds, to include photographs labelling three men as suspects, the police say they have not identified these individuals as suspects in the murder.
OBSERVER media was told, “If it doesn’t come from STRATCOM – the police’s strategic communications office – it isn’t official.”
Lawmen, however, confirmed that the 66-year-old businessman, who operated a car rental business from his home in Green Bay, was gunned down around 10 pm on Thursday while he was sitting on the stairs outside the house along with the other two shooting victims.
The police said that anyone with further information is asked to get in contact with Gray’s Farm Police Station at 462-0841/562-6088, or call the Criminal Investigations Department at 462-3913/462-3914.
A resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, told OBSERVER media that she had heard several gunshots ring out but she did not go outside immediately. She said she looked out and then shortly afterwards, she heard people shouting in the Hillcrest Road.
She said at least one of the victims tried to run but added that she did not know what else had transpired because she remained behind closed doors.
“I come outside and he was there lying in de gutter and it look like he was bleeding but because the place so dark I couldn’t really tell right away. Then somebody start fuh tell arwe that is shot he get shot,” the woman said.
She pointed out the area where the victims had been sitting when they were attacked but OBSERVER media was unable to get very close to the scene as the police had already arrived and had started their investigations.
The elderly man, who was well known in the community, collapsed and died on the scene before the ambulance arrived. Meanwhile, young Jackson and his friend were reportedly taken to hospital in a private vehicle. The footballer was shot in the right thigh and George sustained a gunshot wound to his upper rear right shoulder, police and hospital sources said.
(More in today’s Daily Observer)

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