Police guarantee increased security for Carnival 2019

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By Latrishka Thomas

The Cabinet has indicated that security is being beefed up for Carnival 2019 around Carnival City “in order to safeguard life and property—especially cars.”

Even more so, however, the police have affirmed their commitment to procuring the safety at not only Carnival events, but also residential areas.

“We will deploy every resource that we have to cover the whole aspect of the Carnival celebration, not leaving out the safety and security of residential areas; that in itself has to be taken care of. We would have already rolled out our operational plan for Carnival which in itself has factored in the safety and security of all residential areas and the whole aspect of the various shows that will be taking place throughout the Carnival celebration,” Police Public Relations Officer (PRO) Inspector Frankie Thomas said.

Inspector Thomas told OBSERVER media that residents can expect to see “additional police officers throughout the various residential areas, both in mobile and foot patrol as well as covering the various shows that will be taking place at [Carnival City]” including “many of these parking areas where there is that tendency for vehicles to be broken into.”

The Police PRO said that yesterday, officers concluded their discussions surrounding increased security measures. In fact, he said that the Acting Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney, rolled out additional security measures and tweaked some security plans to facilitate the festivities.

However, Thomas said it is the responsibility of revelers to adhere to precautionary notices.

“We are not anticipating any major incidents for Carnival. However, I think the onus rests on the participants, the revelers, and all of us — the general public on a whole — to take security serious, to heighten our security awareness, ensuring that we leave no stones unturned and that we take advantage of every opportunity to secure our homes, our properties or even our vehicles going to the various shows; parking in designated areas where the presence of security is evident or, for that matter, these areas are properly lit,” Thomas added.

Meantime, the police are advising fete patrons to leave their weapons at home, inclusive of licensed firearm holders.

“Speaking of licensed firearm holders, you are not allowed to carry your firearm into these various shows and functions. There are security measures that you know that you can take to have your firearms properly secured. The general public doesn’t need to know you have your firearm on you to begin with and more so, they do not need to know that you do not have it on your person at any of these shows,” Thomas concluded.

Last weekend, police recorded over 10 cases of vehicular related theft, several of which occurred while residents attended the Redeye fete on Saturday 20th.

Bandits also brazenly raided people’s vehicles while they were in bed or running errands.

Tyres, rims, electronic devices, and cash were among the stolen items.

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