Police force shakeup

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There’s been a major reshuffle of police officers, mainly those who worked in the Protective Operations Department (POD) and Special Services Unit (SSU).
The list of those transfered was posted on a police notice board on July 11 and it indicated that the officers would have been yanked from their posts with effect from July 16.
In total, 84 officers have been moved, with the majority, 28, coming from POD and 13 from SSU.
The force is made up of over 700 officers, of which 60 served the SSU.
The POD officers worked at the ministries and other government departments but most have been redeployed to St. John’s and other departments and stations in varying divisions ranging from A to C. A few were sent to work in maintenance as well.
One officer said that the notice was posted at police headquarters on July 13 though it is dated July 11. The three-page transfer list was signed by Deputy Police Commissioner Albert Wade.
The transfers come after the June 22 promotions list which announced the elevation of 36 officers.
And, it also comes at a time when the public has been questioning the integrity and capabilities of lawmen amid the arrest of a senior cop for alleged fraud, the suspension of the top cop for alleged sexual harassment and the escape of a prisoner while in police custody and that prisoner allegedly killed a resident while on the run.

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