Police encourage residents to report people attending social events

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By Latrishka Thomas

Police are encouraging residents to report anyone they see violating any regulation established to curtail the spread of Covid-19.

Just last week, the government amended a regulation within the Public Health Act to completely ban public gatherings.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Everton Jeffers said that in an effort to protect the twin islands, persons should feel free to report these violations.

“When you see stuff like that, when the protocols are being ignored, call the police. We will respond because it is for our safety, our country’s safety,” Jeffers said on OBSERVER AM yesterday.

He said that the police intend to pursue all reports made and will be arresting the perpetrators.

“There is no discretion when it comes to this,” Jeffers declared.

The DCP added that the sole intention of the police is to protect every resident.

“People are taking this as if police are trying to take their bread or close them out financially but we are looking at the safety of Antigua and Barbuda,” he shared.

According to the Public Health Act’s modification which restricts public gatherings, “no person shall host or attend any private party which includes any person from outside his or her household or attend or participate in any organised sporting event or sports stadium or any banquet, ball or reception”.

The police are authorised to disband the activity and the owner of the premises, organiser and anyone present will be arrested and charged and face a possible fine of $5,000, six months’ imprisonment or both.

Meetings, however, are permitted once all protocols are observed.

Last week, a motorcade and a drive-in movie were both cancelled after permission was revoked for those events to be held.

Prime Minister Gaston Browne defended the decision saying “permission should be revoked because you going to put all people at risk”.

He further accused residents of being “reckless”.

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