Police dragnet leads to drug and larceny charges

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Two men are expected to face the court after they were charged with drug related offences.
Lester Parker, 35, aka “One,” of Falmouth, has been charged with Possession 62.2 grammes of Cannabis, Possession with intent to sell, Possession of Criminal Property of over EC $25,000 and US $62, as well as driving without a valid driver’s license.
Additionally, Kevin Baptiste, 31, aka “Gussy” of Golden Grove will appear before a magistrate charged with Possession 2 pounds of Cannabis, Possession with intent to sell and Being Concerned in the Supplying of a Controlled Drug.
Officers attached to the Narcotics Department executed a Search Warrant at his Golden Grove property, where the drug was found.
Meantime, three men of Hispanic descent – 32-year-old Jose Puello Mercedes, 31-year-old Winston Diaz both of Villa, along with Wandes Jose Campos, 32, of Gambles – are in police custody after they were allegedly intercepted with 41 cases of Presidente Beer, 15 cases of Corona Beer, and 3 bottles of Johnny Walker Black Label Whiskey in their possession. The items were already loaded onto a Blue Hyundai motor truck C6301, which the officers intercepted fleeing the scene from a Friars Hill facility.
The vehicle with the items were seized and taken to the police station.
The men are likely to be charged with larceny.

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