Police destroy drugs

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Police destroyed almost $2 million in illegal cannabis, cocaine, and ecstasy yesterday.
Inspector Frankie Thomas said 502 pounds of cannabis, both cured and plants, along with 176 grammes of cocaine and 103.5 ecstasy tablets were burned during the operation conducted at a field in Burma, outside the perimetre fence of the V. C. Bird International Airport.
In all, cannabis valued at $1,644,000, as well as cocaine, which had a street value of $6,160, and synthetic ecstasy valued at $5,150 went up in flames.
Thomas said most of the drugs were from completed cases in the High Court. There were also drugs from recently concluded cases at the Magistrates’ court level and from drug seizures where no one was detained or prosecuted.
A convoy of armed police personnel escorted the vehicle that transported the drugs from the Police Headquarters, to the St. John’s Magistrates’ Court.
The blaring sirens made another stop at the High Court to collect the lion’s share of the illegal drugs before driving to the secluded burn site.
Chief Justice Keith Thomas, High Court staff, and police officers from the Narcotics Department, Rapid Response and Special Services units and the media witnessed yesterday’s destruction.
The Coolidge Fire Department was also called to wet the surrounding areas as a precaution after high winds threatened to spread the fire to neighbouring dried bush.
The police conduct several drug destruction exercises throughout each year as cases are concluded, with or without conviction.

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