Police commissioner stripped of rank and pension

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After 32 years of service in the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda, Commissioner of Police, Wendel Robinson, has been dismissed without pension.

In a letter, dated November 25th, 2019 by Chairman of the Police Service Commission (PSC), Kelvin John, told Robinson that the Commission was exercising its powers under the constitution of Antigua and Barbuda, and felt that it was “in the public interest” that he be removed from the office of Commissioner of Police.

Robinson’s termination takes place with immediate effect.

The PSC chairman also reiterated that Robinson did not “possess the suitability of temperament that accords with the office of Commissioner of Police” and that his relationship with the Minister with responsibility for the Police Service, Steadroy Benjamin has “severely compromised” his ability to effectively perform his duties, adding that it is “inimical to the interests of good governance of Antigua and Barbuda”.

In the letter to Robsinson, John stated that the suspended officer that the treatment of his entitlement to pension is documented in “Section 7 of the Pensions Act”, which states that “Where an officer’s service is terminated on the grounds that… such termination is desirable in the public interest, and a pension, gratuity or other allowance cannot otherwise be granted to him under the provisions of this Act”.

According to that Act, the Governor-General may, if he thinks fit, grant pension, gratuity or other allowance “as he thinks just and proper”, not exceeding the amount that the officer would receive, had he retired from the public service.

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