Police charge Vincia James’ ex-boyfriend with murder

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Mikhail Gomes, accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend who remains missing since she disappeared last month, is expected in court today after police filed the charge against him yesterday.
According to the charge, Gomes, of Pigotts, allegedly murdered Vincia James on April 7, contrary to common law.
The matter has been filed for committal proceedings in the District A court but a well-placed source told OBSERVER media that the charge does not identify a location where the alleged murder occurred.
James was last seen on Old Parham Road around 1:12 pm on the day she left Dixie Betting Company where she worked.
Relatives have not heard from her since and they, along with the police, defence force and scores of residents have been searching for her ever since, with no clue as to her whereabouts.
The family and supporters have held vigil after vigil; protested outside Gomes’ home and have come to the public numerous times appealing for help to find her.
A reward of $10,000 is being offered by the government for information that leads to finding her, while the family and a businessman have put up $6,500 total for such information.
Social media response to news of Gomes being charged has been mixed, with many asking on what basis have the police laid the charge when they have not found a body or parts/remains.
One person posted a teary-eyed emoticon saying the charge suggests the police have “given up on Vincia”.
Attorney John Fuller said “it happened here before” in Antigua & Barbuda where someone was charged and tried for murder in the absence of a body. He said he could not remember the details of the case.

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