Police charge Point youth as elderly man slowly recovers from injury

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A charge of attempted murder has been served on 22-year-old Kadesh Mannix of Point, days after he allegedly injured 48-year-old James Horsford by striking him on the head with a concrete block.

This development means Mannix is expected in court before a magistrate today to be given a date for his committal. This is the process whereby the magistrate reviews the prosecution’s case file and determines whether there is sufficient evidence on the surface to warrant sending the case to the High Court for trial.

It is alleged that shortly after midnight on July 30th, Horsford, of North Street, was walking along Wilkinson Cross when Mannix approached him and they had an argument.

During the confrontation, the accused allegedly picked up an eight-inch concrete block and struck Horsford with it on his head at least twice.

After that, he dropped the stone and fled. Residents went to Horsford’s aid and found he was bleeding profusely from his head injuries and he was also vomiting repeatedly.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) technicians were summoned to the scene where they began treating Horsford before taking him to the hospital.

On admission at the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, the victim’s injuries were described as life threatening. He is said to be recovering slowly after surgery.      

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