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Police caution motorcyclists who are violating traffic laws

Motorcycle accident on Valley Road March 14. (File photo)

The police traffic department has issued a serious warning to motorcyclists who have reportedly been defying multiple traffic regulations.

Head of the police Traffic Department Acting Superintendent Rodney Ellis has issued a caution to riders after he received reports that a group of motorcyclists are in the habit of holding motorcades on Sundays.

“I am making a strong appeal to those persons who are doing this to desist from doing it,” Ellis said sternly to state media.

The traffic cop also cautioned the perpetrators, informing them that they are violating several laws.

“Once there is more than five persons in a group that is violating social gathering laws and also the motorcade that they are having, it is illegal without permission,” he revealed.

He said that motorcades require adequate escort from the traffic department.

Just about a week ago, a rider, who Ellis said was one of the cyclists in said motorcade, was involved in an accident on Valley Road.

An eyewitness reported that the bike collided with a vehicle coming out of the entrance to Jolly Harbour.

The injured man had to be treated in hospital for the injuries sustained in the accident.

Villagers reported hearing a series of motor bikes travelling north at high speed prior to the incident.

When Observer last heard from the spokesperson for the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre, the man’s vitals were “good/normal”.

Meanwhile, Acting Superintendent Ellis is also appealing to residents to stop ignoring traffic flags and temporary traffic lights as “these persons who are operating the flags are authorised by the police to do that so they are doing in legally”.

Ellis reminded the public that ignoring those signals is also an offence that is punishable under the law.

“So again I am making a strong appeal to persons to follow the rules and the regulations on the road so that we have safe travel and safer roads in Antigua and Barbuda,” he said.



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