Police call in UPP political hopeful for questioning again

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Retired Defence Force Captain George Wehner is again the subject of a police investigation just weeks after he was charged for alleged death threats on the lives of 14 government officials who were bullseye targets in a political campaign video he has admitted making last year.
The opposition United Progressive Party (UPP) political hopeful was detained by Willikies police yesterday, released after two hours and is scheduled to report to Langfords Police Station for further questioning today as per the request of the police.
According to Wehner’s lawyer, Leon Chaku Symister, the police have not given them any official explanation as to why he’s to be questioned.
He said the warrant used to search Wehner’s Seatons home and to seize his electronic devices yesterday, stated that the police were probing his alleged “unlawful use of electronic devices.”
The warrant didn’t state when this alleged offence took place nor the specific device in question and Symister said his client is a victim of political persecution.
“The police have indicated that they are investigating, according to the warrant ‘unlawful use of an electronic device’, I’m trying to find which section of our criminal law has these violations: we are yet to know that. In light of the recent statement by the prime minister that he will make sure he [Wehner] goes to jail, we can only see that this is an attack on a frontline soldier of the United Progressive Party as we move forward in this matter to redeem Antigua & Barbuda,” Symister said.
The lawyer, who is representing Wehner in his earlier cases of alleged battery on police from an incident in September 2016 and the death threats case filed a month ago, said his client will be vindicated.
He explained that officers – not those investigating – informed him that this latest probe stems from a report made by a resident in Seatons.
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