Police call for peaceful Labour Day celebrations

Current Commissioner of Police, Atlee Rodney (file photos)
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Police are appealing to the public for peaceful celebrations during Monday’s Labour Day activities.

The Commissioner of Police, under the Public Order Act Cap 357, has granted permission to several groups and organisations to hold marches and rallies on the day.

He is calling on the groups’ leaders to ensure their supporters adhere to the laws and conduct themselves in a responsible manner.

The police will also be implementing an operational plan for crowd control and traffic management, as well as the overall safety and security of the general public. This will include increased foot and mobile patrols, with a special focus on beaches and places with large gatherings.

There will also be command posts operated by the police at Fort James and Ffryes beaches on Labour Day.

Residents are further encouraged to pay keen attention to their general safety and ensure that minors under their supervision are properly supervised at all times. An appeal is also made for motorists to exercise caution on the roads, and to desist from exceeding the speed limits.

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