Police awaiting driver’s report of car crash

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Up to yesterday, officers at the Coolidge Police Station had not received a report from an Emergency Medical Services (EMS) employee, who escaped serious injury in a vehicular accident on Thursday.
It was reported that Omari Gurraund was driving a silver BMW sedan when it overturned after hitting a metal utility pole on Shell Beach Road.
Police said that the medical worker was rushed to the Mount St. John’s Medical Centre by ambulance after the accident, which occurred at approximately 5 p.m.
Gurraund was x-rayed and received medical attention before being released from the hospital after it was determined that his injuries were not serious.
The driver was instructed to give a report of the accident at the Coolidge Police Station.
Roland Cuffy, an assistant superintendent of police, said Gurraund had not reported to the police station, up to yesterday, to give his account of what could have caused the crash that left the car extensively damaged and parts from the vehicle scattered on the road.
The officer said when lawmen arrived on the scene, the driver who was said to be the sole occupant of the car, had already been transported to the hospital.
Cuffy said the mangled wreck was towed from the scene and lawmen are continuing to probe the accident.

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