Police appeal for help in solving first 2018 murder

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The police are appealing for help in solving the homicide of 62-year-old Maurison Thomas, also known as Chung, of Mathews Village.
Thomas became the country’s first homicide victim for 2018 when his partially clad body was discovered by his daughter around 6:45 p.m. at his home.
“All possible leads and options are considered, but we cannot rush to a conclusion. Although the police appreciate the anxiety of the public, be assured that the matter is being investigated with an open-minded approach, taking all circumstances into consideration,” the police statement said.
Men, women and children gathered on the scene on Wednesday, many reminiscing about the kind, quiet man in the community who was seemingly loved by many.
 “Chung never trouble anybody” a mechanic in the area said.
“Somebody say dem hear somebody bawl murder and wha happen? A woman asked rhetorically.
“Nobody look out, nobody look out fuh nobody nowadays?” she answered herself as she recounted to onlookers what a resident in the area told her that he heard that night.
The killing has awakened the fear among residents in the vicinity who said they have spotted accused murderer Delano Forbes in the area more than once, but the police never managed to catch him when they reported it.
“The [expletive] killer pon de loose and all a dem just deh [expletive] campaigning, everybody totally [expletive] forgat, dem just campaigning and a t’ink bout politics. Nobody a talk bout he right now, dem nah concentrate on dat,” one man shouted.
Another woman in the village was overheard saying, “A little while me pass pon de road and people a talk say dem fraid.”
“You just lock up in ya house, see, nuh open no doh” an elderly woman instructed her granddaughter.
“Fuh de whole day me home me nuh open fuh me doh because up to now dem nuh ketch de vampire man,” another resident added.
The resident was referring to Forbes who got the name “vampire” after the police disclosed to the public that blood was found in his home when he was arrested, and they suggested he may drink blood.
As the district doctor passed through the scene to make the official pronouncement of death, all the onlookers, including relatives, grew quiet, while the dogs in the village began barking and howling…
One person, who was able to look inside the house where the body was found, said the scene was bloody and the body was lying face down
Meanwhile, police statement indicated  a joint strategic meeting is being convened with the Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force in forging the best way forward in relation to the recapture of the escapee.
Anyone with information should contact the Rapid Response Unit at telephone number 4645593 or, 4643942/3, or 4646058 or 7209162 or the Criminal Investigations Department.

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