Police apologise to High Court

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ROSEAU, Dominica, Mar 3, CMC – One day after a High Court judge publicly criticised the Dominica police for not having a presence in the court, the acting Deputy Police Commissioner, Davidson Valarie, has apologised.
High Court Judge, Victoria Charles-Clarke had on Thursday summoned Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon to the court to state why police officers were absent from the sitting on Thursday morning.
“I find it disrespectful that not one officer is present and no superior officer is present to apologise “said Charles-Clarke, who added that court was not properly constituted and sent a strong message that she could cite the Police Chief and others of contempt.
In his apology, Valarie said “we regret what happened due to some miscommunication between the police and the court.
“It’s not a regular thing and we regret what happened and deeply apologize to Her Ladyship and the court.”
The judge in accepting the apology noted “we need to have better collaboration between the court and the police”.

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