Police advise promoters to consult with them before promoting events

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By Makeida Antonio

An appeal has been issued to promoters to meet with the authorities prior to marketing an event so that they can receive the full cooperation of the police.

On Tuesday, it was reported that one promoter had met with the police to resolve some miscommunication, which had led to the postponement of a highly anticipated fete last weekend.

However, Police PRO Inspector Frankie Thomas set the record straight, yesterday, and said that the police can provide assistance during the planning stages of events to ensure the safety of patrons and the community at large.

“It is expected that these organisers of these fetes, first and foremost reach out to the police, bring the police on board in the very early stage because it does several things for them and for the entire public. We want to be brought on board so that when it comes to crowd control, the safety and security of the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, we’re on board,” he told OBSERVER media.

Inspector Thomas made it clear that the practice of promoting events before police involvement cannot continue going forward.

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