Police accused of turning a ‘blind eye’ to crimes against Syrians

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The relatives of a Syrian businessman who was shot in the leg during an armed robbery, have expressed their disappointment with the police who they say are turning a blind eye towards crimes against foreigners.
At around midnight last Friday, the Syrian was shot in his business place — a fast food joint near Town House Mega store. Two men allegedly committed the crime.
But a relative of the victim, who chose to remain anonymous told OBSERVER media that he has no faith that the police would do much to apprehend the perpetrators.
“Every time it is a crime against a Syrian we never get justice,” the man said.
He recalled a shooting that took place last year in which another Syrian national died.
Three men have been charged for that crime and they are currently in prison awaiting the trial.
“Every time we go to court the case cannot go through. The judge said she is ready to throw out the case,” he lamented. “These crimes will continue because no hard decision is taken against those who do them.”
Another well-known Syrian businessman who has been operating in Antigua and Barbuda for years said there has been a general dislike for Syrians by “some” locals.
“I am not saying everyone hates us but some of them don’t want to work,” the man said. “They no want to work. Easy money … they want easy money.”
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