PM says second autopsy finds no evidence of electrocution, relatives lash out

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The results of the second autopsy conducted on the body of Shawn Warner has, according to a Facebook post by Prime Minister Gaston Browne, failed to confirm that he was electrocuted as maintained by the family.
Yesterday, in response to relatives saying he and his government should “be ashamed” along with allegations of a “coverup”, Browne said, “I extend my sincerest condolences to the family. Out of concern and in the interest of the family, we employed an independent pathologist from overseas, who concluded, that there is no evidence that Shawn died by electrocution. The pathologist also found that he had an enlarged heart. Additional toxicology tests were recommended to assist in determining the cause of death.”
He added that the government is trying its best to bring closure to the issue, while suggesting that the family could employ the services of a third pathologist, “to satisfy themselves about the veracity of the findings.”
The dead man’s brother Sherwin Warner accused the prime minister of lying, among other things, while his sister, Natasha James, rejected Browne’s statement, saying it was shameful that the prime minister posted that information on social media while the family is yet to be notified.
In fact, the family has not even received a copy of the findings of the first autopsy done by local pathologist Dr. Shekema Goodwin.
The second autopsy was done last week by forensic pathologist Dr. Althea Neblett, according to government’s Chief of Staff Lionel Hurst.
James said the only information the family saw was that posted by the prime minister.
Dozens of residents have been weighing in on the matter of the prime minister’s Facebook page and he again responded to one commenter.
He wrote, “I fully understand the hurt of losing a loved one. However, I am not sure what are the expectations of my government. This is really a matter for the court and not the government. We tried to assist by ordering an independent autopsy.”
Again he insisted that the second pathologist found there were no burn marks on the body indicative of an electrocution and that he had an enlarged heart that could have been the result of a pre-existing condition.
“You are shooting the messenger. The government is just trying to help in the circumstances. We have no business or political interest with Jolly Harbour – CDAL. I am reporting the findings of the second pathologists. A copy could be made available to the family. It is not within the authority of my government to intervene further in this matter,” he stated.
The country’s leader concluded by saying, “Perhaps, if a third autopsy is required, we could assist the family in that regard.”
It was on November 6 last year that Shawn warner, a 27-year-old father of two, collapsed at Jolly Harbour which is managed by Caribbean Development Antigua Limited or CDAL.
His mother, Sandra Warner, who was on the scene, said her son came into contact with an electrical wire and was electrocuted, leading to his collapse. She said he hit his head when he fell and later died at the hospital. The family rejected the statement that the young man had pre-existing conditions such as an enlarged heart and hypertension.
They however said the enlarged heart was caused by the electrocution and they claimed this was what the first pathologist told them. (Martina Johnson)

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