PM says Covid-19 vaccination is more effective when compared to ‘alternative’ remedies

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Among the hundreds of treatments, to include several vaccines, that are being developed to prevent or treat Covid-19 infections, a number of ‘alternative’ remedies have also surfaced.

Some of these purported remedies include teas and essential oils that are being endorsed by naturalists.

However, Prime Minister Gaston Browne is advising residents that the “most efficacious way to protect one’s self from hospitalisation and possible death as a result of Covid, would be through vaccination”.

Browne said that while he is not calling for residents to disengage from those specialists, inoculation should be a priority.

“I know that there is some allopaths or allopathic doctors, herbalists, naturopaths, homeopaths who are advocating that they have the cure or the remedies for Covid. Now I am not going to get into any to and fro with them to determine whether or not they have the remedies. All I want to say to those individuals who may be so inclined to go that route, make sure you get vaccinated,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Browne said that the government may be “reopening the country fully” soon.

“Now we know that some of the measures — including the curfew which we had to expand — that they are creating difficulties for people. I know that in some instances livelihoods have been affected, but based on the trend that we are seeing now, it is possible that those measures will come to an end soon,” he said.

“And this is assuming that individuals remain responsible and we are able reduce the spread of Covid and possibly get the spread down to maybe single digits, maybe less than 3 is really the goal,” he added.

Browne revealed that there has been some progress.

“There has been a 50 percent or more reduction in the rate of individuals who are infected with Covid and are seeking medical treatment,” he disclosed.

He therefore encouraged residents, especially those adversely affected to “hold strain and continue to soldier on”.

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