PM rejects opposition call for fixed elections date

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There will be no change to the Constitution of Antigua & Barbuda to allow for a fixed date for general elections if it is not a demand of the people.
That’s what Prime Minister Gaston Browne had to say when asked to respond to the call by opposition MP Joanne Massiah for a referendum to make the change.
He says his government will not make such an important decision based on suggestion from any political opponent, including Massiah who heads the newly formed Democratic National Alliance (DNA).
“Any constitutional change that my government will pursue, must be driven by the masses and not by political opponents.  Our political opponents do not have the level of maturity and sophistication to pursue constitutional changes in a non-partisan manner, in the interest of the state,” he said.
He says based on the fallout and eventual non-support from the opposition for the referendum on the Caribbean Court of Justice, he does not believe his opponents would be committed to pursuing this other matter that’s equally important.
“This was clearly demonstrated by the political games that were played leading up to the aborted CCJ referendum.  It is noteworthy, that the United Progressive Party has failed to respond to our request for a bipartisan approach to transition to the CCJ, based on the espoused support of its leadership,” he said.
After labelling his opponent as immature, his final words were that his opponents, “Talk the talk but will never walk the walk.”

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