PM gives warning amid slight increase in the number of Covid-19 cases

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There has been an increase in the number of coronavirus cases in Antigua, and Prime Minister Gaston Browne has warned that this could lead to community spread, if care is not taken.

Antigua currently has 13 active cases of the virus.

“We have long identified, months ago, that our returning nationals are the most significant area of vulnerability, since many of them do not adhere to the protocols, and many of them continue to break their quarantine. In fact, we had a situation in which a returning national came back to the country without a Covid test, as to how that individual made it unto the flight, we don’t know because I would have personally written to the various airlines asking them not to accept anyone without a negative Covid test,” Browne said.

“For some reason that particular returning national was able to board, came back to Antigua; however that person was tested on return, and I’m told that today when we got back the 13 samples, 2 of them are positive, including that returning national who did not following the protocols of the country,” he continued.

Browne said the person in question was placed in quarantine on arrival in the island, the other positive case he disclosed, is a student from the Antigua State College.

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