PM fires back at rowdy pensioners

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The Prime Minister has fired back at scores of senior citizens who rallied against the government last week in protest at the late payment of pensions.

Browne said that while he understands the plight of the social security pensioners, their behaviour was unacceptable.

He insisted that the pension payments for the month of November were only three days late.

“There is not a month that social security has not paid pensioners. They get paid every month. It is true that they get paid late, and there is a reason for it, and I have explained on this program time and time again that it is not because of government not meeting its obligations. My government has met all of its premium obligations to the social security scheme,” Browne stated.

Browne also suggested that the action by the pensioners last Thursday did not change the situation they are currently in, but instead merely embarrassed them.

He added that some broke the law by using profanity in public, and indicated that he asked the police not to take action against them.

Director of the Social Security Scheme, David Matthias, has said on several occasions that the closure of businesses and the reduction in many people’s working hours have resulted in a significant dip in revenue.

In October he said the public sector was now the largest contributor to Social Security.

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