PM Donates $50,000 To His Church

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has donated fifty thousand dollars towards the work of the St. John’s Wesleyan Holiness Church on Bishopgate Street.
A release from the Prime Minister’s office says the donation was made to mark Browne’s 50th birthday today.
The release says he has been attending the Wesleyan Holiness Church on Sunday for his entire life.
Browne gave a testimony at the church of his life growing up as a child in the Point and Villa communities, saying he had three near death experiences and spoke of struggling to live with a single parent and at times penniless grandmother.
He says his biggest challenge was abject poverty – having grown up in a home without electricity, water, furnishings or toilet facilities and being in very dire circumstances and often having nothing to eat – according to the statement from the prime minister’s office.
The prime minister told church members he had a deadbeat father and after his mom became mentally ill, he at age nine and his sister at age eight, had to work to survive.
He says his sister became a child maid to get a meal to survive and he became the handyman for the community to earn a few cents daily in order to survive.
He said that despite their circumstance he and his sister never engaged in any immoral or illicit activities.

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