PM calls for the resignation of IMF employee

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By Elesha George

The Deputy Division Chief in the Caribbean Division 1 of the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF’s) Western Hemisphere Department, Dr Arnold McIntyre has found himself in hot water with Prime Minister Gaston Browne.

Browne claims that McIntyre, who was born in Grenada, sullied the name of Caribbean prime ministers and offered erroneous information concerning the economic growth of regional countries.

“I’m not gonna sit back and take it and he’s going to have to prove that it’s not him on that tape,” the prime minister said, adding that he is likely to get his “lawyer to write him as well”.

“I’ve taken the decision that I’m gonna write to the IMF because I am a governor of the IMF and the World Bank and I don’t work for him — assuming that it is him — I don’t work for that individual, that individual works for me,” he stated.

McIntyre was reportedly heard in an audio shared on WhatsApp, projecting poor economic growth of Caribbean countries and speaking on the character of prime ministers across the region, essentially blaming them for economic stagnancy as a result of their corrupt practices.

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