PM calls for APUA GM removal

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has called for APUA General Manager Esworth Martin to be fired after he reportedly granted approval for NS Management to run the old Sembcorp plant.
The contract given to NS Management Limited is said to be in contravention of acts of parliament related to the tendering process. 
A letter from the APUA board issued on Monday reportedly gave NS Management notice to vacate the plant.
When questioned on the developments Browne referred Observer Media to a comment on in which Browne says quote – get their backsides out and fire Martin for defying the instructions of the Cabinet and the APUA Board – end quote.
Browne told Observer Media the next step will involve firings and refused further comment.
Meanwhile, Chairman of the APUA Board Luthur Lee says the Board is expected to meet with employees this afternoon to discuss the matter.
We are meeting with employees at 3pm today to discuss the matter,” Lee told OBSERVER Media
Lee is also refuting claims that the plant is on the verge of closing down.
“That sounds like someone is wishing but I don’t know anything about that at all. I don’t foresee a closure anytime at all. That is not going to happen,” he explained.
Esworth Martin did not respond to our calls for an interview on the matter.

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