PM Browne unbothered by Canada’s visa restriction

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne is not unduly concerned by the revocation of visa–free travel of Antiguans and Barbudans to Canada.
Contrary to conversations in certain sections of the society that Antigua and Barbuda has been negotiating with Canada to review the decision, the prime minister suggested that the rights of Canada to secure its borders should be respected.
“We’re living in a different dispensation compared to several years ago and most countries are concerned with the security of its citizens,” he told OBSERVER media in a recent telephone conversation. “So, we have to respect the sovereign rights of them to put systems in place to ensure the security of their citizens.
“So, we do not have any quarrel with Canada. So, if people feel that they have to impose their visa requirement, we have to respect that and from all indications, they have been granting visas to Antiguans and Barbudans routinely. So, I don’t really see the issue. There is no big issue.”
Adding that there is not a significant traffic between Antigua and Barbuda and Canada, the prime minister concluded: “Most Antiguans and Barbudans travel to the United States. So, what’s the big deal?”
And, to travel to the U.S. they require visas for which they have to travel to Barbados to apply and be interviewed.

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