PM Browne tells Digicel to shape up or ship out

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By Carlena Knight

Less than 24 hours after Digicel’s outright denial that talks have begun over a possible buyout of the company, Prime Minister Gaston Browne has advised the Irish owned company to “shape up or ship out”.

In a press recent release, the telecommunications company refuted media reports and statements made by Browne over the past two weekends, and sought to make it clear that it has not received any approaches of any kind, at any time from the Prime Minister or anyone in the Government of Antigua and Barbuda regarding a buyout of Digicel’s operations in the twin island state.

The company rubbished the claim as complete fiction, which it said represented part of an ongoing campaign by the government to distract and disseminate false information.

However, Browne, in his response to the press release, revealed that private talks and meetings with Cabinet have been taking place between the Chairman and Owner of Digicel, Dennis O’Brien, for the combination of APUA-PCS and Digicel for a 51/49 percent equity state.  

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