PM Browne stands by ‘Choksi statement’

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By Carlena Knight

“The interview speaks for itself,” responded Prime Minister Gaston Browne when OBSERVER media contacted him over comments he made earlier this week during an interview in New York about the Mehul Choksi case.

During the interview, which took place on Wednesday on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly summit with international media house, ANI News, PM Browne was highly critical of Choski, and at one point stated that the alleged Indian fraudster “brings no value to the country”.

He once again aired those sentiments with OBSERVER media yesterday and even went a step further in solidifying that Choksi’s deportation from Antigua and Barbuda remains on the cards.

 “Mehul Choksi is a crook and will be deported ultimately after he exhausts all his options,” Browne said.

These sentiments were an echo from his initial statement in New York.

The Parliamentary Representative for St John’s City West also shared his displeasure with the actions of Indian officials, who he said “facilitated” Choksi’s move to Antigua and Barbuda after he was granted citizenship under the country’s Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP).

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