PM Browne secures more scholarships

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has been able to secure more medical scholarships for Antiguans and Barbudans from the government of Georgia.
That’s just one of the commitments the Georgian Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze gave, during Browne’s first visit to the country located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Browne is in Georgia for the Open Government Partnership Global Summit.
He told OBSERVER media via WhatsApp that his Georgian counterpart has also agreed to provide e-government training for Antigua and Barbuda’s public servants.
It will last between three and six months, with workers at the Land Registry, the Intellectual Property Office and the Passport Office set to be the first beneficiaries.
Meanwhile, the government of Georgia says on its website that it was pointed out during the meeting that people-to-people contacts must grow further in the future, especially among youth.
The two leaders also discussed the enabling of economic ties, not only between Georgia and Antigua and Barbuda, but also the entire Caribbean region.
According to the website, the heads of government also spoke about the prospects of sharing success stories, including in the banking and financial sectors, digital technology and innovation.
The website additionally states that the summit will be an opportunity for practitioners and experts representing different fields, sectors, and regions from around the world to talk about goals, challenges, and best practices in the implementation of open government reforms, inspire their peers, and push the open government agenda forward to address new challenges and improve the lives of citizens around the world.
Representatives from more than 70 nations are projected to attend, including heads of state and ministers, public officials, members of parliament, local authorities, international organisations, researchers, civil society representatives and journalists.
The summit will wrap up on Thursday July 19.

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