PM Browne says unchosen political hopeful is a sore loser

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The prime minister Gaston Browne has called Senate president Alincia Williams-Grant a “sore loser” and accused her of fabricating information to support her candidacy.
Browne was responding to charges levelled by Williams-Grant at the executive of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party’s branch in St John’s Rural East and at the party’s central executive.
Williams-Grant is vying to become the candidate in St John’s Rural East.
But the branch executive has apparently already recommended that the candidacy go to Browne’s wife, Maria Bird-Browne and supposedly did so, based on a poll.
But, in a December 7th letter to the branch Chairman, Williams-Grant alleges the branch told her that Bird-Browne did not win the poll. Williams-Grant rejected the branch’s recommendation for the prime minister’s wife to contest the seat thereby foregoing a primary.
Now the prime minister says Williams-Grant’s information is “fake news.” He claims “Maria Browne enjoys the strongest poll figures and polled 3.5 times stronger than Alincia Grant.”
The prime minister further claims “Alincia Grant polled last
and is the least viable of all candidates polled.”
But in her letter, Williams-Grant alleges that the prime minister’s wife placed third, behind Senators Michael Freeland and Shenella Govia – two others who had interest in the seat.
Browne is now refusing to make the poll results public saying, “That’s strategic, internal party information, which has never
been made public and will not be made public, to satisfy the egos of those who seek to be disruptive.”
Williams Grant claims that the branch wrote to the central executive on November 2nd recommending a primary be conducted to be fair to all contenders but the Gaston Browne-led executive informally refused.

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