PM Browne points finger at returning nationals

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Prime Minister Gaston Browne has once again highlighted the adverse effects of returning nationals mixing with the general population without completing quarantine requirements.

Browne said it has been the most significant threat to the nation with respect to covid-19.

“We would have warned the citizens and residents of this country not to expose themselves to returning nationals, who would have taken up residence with them, until they complete their quarantine but many of our citizens and residents did not heed our advice and today we are literally paying the price while many of those returning nationals they are now back in the US and not here to share the burden with us.

“During the Yuletide season, we had in the region of 1200 returning nationals who were self quarantining, many of whom violated the quarantine. As a matter of fact there were a few funerals during that period and some of the returning nationals they literally beat the system,” Browne stated.

Browne added that some returning nationals had indicated that they would be staying at various bed and breakfasts but instead stayed with family members.

He revealed that contact tracing has indicated that a certain wedding in December 2020 and a wedding in January caused “significant spread” of the virus.

The PM is hoping that residents will be more vigilant and report instances of curfew breaches even if the offender is a relative of theirs.

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