PLH complies with DCA deadline

Work is ongoing at the site in Barbuda (Facebook photos)
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The principals of the Peace Love and Happiness (PLH) project on Barbuda have complied with a deadline that was issued by development officials in regards to the controversial development.

The Development Control Authority (DCA) had given the investors 5 business days following the receipt of an August 31 letter to correct a string of violations.

This came days after the Department of the Environment wrote to the DCA requesting a stop order to halt the multimillion-dollar project.

Chief Town and Country Planner, Frederick Southwell confirmed in a letter dated September 11, that the DCA was in receipt of a remediation plan from the Peace, Love and Happiness developer, bearing a date of September 4th.

The missive was sent by Justin Wilshaw, the project president at PLH Barbuda Ltd.
OBSERVER has since obtained a copy of that document in which the PLH team outlined measures for mitigating wetlands, sand dunes and native vegetation.

The developer’s environmental consultant, Deborah Brosnan and Associates, advised them of a phased approach, but first they would have to identify the scale of impact and what needs to be mitigated.

They would then implement the action plan and begin training for PLH site personnel. A vegetation plan was expected to begin on Monday 7.

The agencies responsible for monitoring the project on Barbuda have been tight-lipped on the issue which has caused tension on the sister isle.

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