Plane crashes at sea after departing Antigua

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Two people, including a pilot, who left Antigua on board a small plane on Thursday were forced to ditch the plane at sea after encountering difficulties in the air.
A source close to the matter told OBSERVER media that the duo flew out of Antigua on a Cessna 172 single engine plane and some time after 1 pm the air traffic controllers lost contact with the craft.
The plane was already out of Antigua’s airspace and since it was destined for Guadeloupe, the officials there were notified of the development.
Hours passed with no word about the plane, until about 5 pm when the two people were found, alive. Reports are that the plane crashed at sea. It is unclear what difficulty the pilot was encountering that led to the plane being ditched/crashed at sea.
The duo was reportedly rescued by an American Medical ship and are now said to be safe in Guadeloupe. 
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