Pillar of Hercules did not fall, Murphy says

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The Director of Heritage Resources for National Parks Antigua, Dr Reginald Murphy, said reports that one of the Pillars of Hercules has fallen are false.
A photo is being circulated of a large rock in front of the first pillar, but Dr Murphy said it was a bolder that fell.
“What happened is a bolder the size of a small car has fallen off of the side of the hill,” he said.
He explained that the hill is built of stratified volcanic rock laid down over thousands of years and the rock coming loose was a natural occurrence and there is nothing that can be done to control it.
“It doesn’t affect the look of the pillars because this is closer to the entrance where you first go in,” he added.
Dr Murphy, however, is reminding visitors to the pillars that they are standing under a cliff, off which stones, cacti and even goats could fall.
He said that while he would not consider the area “dangerous” or “hazardous” people must remember that “you are dealing with nature and you can’t control nature”.
Dr Murphy said the boulder falling does not affect the World Heritage Site designation of the country either since Antigua & Barbuda was accepted as a cultural site and not because of its natural prospects.

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