Pig Pens Must Meet Sanitary Standards

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The Chief Health Inspector is warning that the newly erected Pig pens at Bay Street in Villa will have to meet strict sanitary standard to avoid being moved.
Lionel Michael visited the site this week and say he plans to speak at length with the pig farmers whose animals are now on Bay Street.
Michael says while the pens are nest to the wetlands the waste and wash away must not go into the mangroves.

Despite this the Chief Health Inspector says the farmers are willing to do what is necessary to keep their pens from becoming a bother.
He explained under what circumstances a pig pen owner would be forced to move.

Michael says when it comes to sanitation, there is a smaller margin for error when farming pigs next door to homes.
But he says pradial larceny has forced many farmers to fear leaving the security of an urban area and move livestock into rural communities.

Neither the Chief Health Inspector nor the Livestock Division were informed when Prime Minister Gaston Browne reportedly had the pens build at Bay street for the pig farmers.
The Livestock Division says it hasn’t been to the site but will meet with the Chief Health Inspector next week.

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