Picket relatively peaceful as ‘Freedom Fighters’ take to the streets again

Protestors lined Queen Elizabeth Highway yesterday in the latest show of opposition to governmental Covid policies, including measures being used to encourage more people to get a jab. (Photo by Johnny Jno Baptiste)
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By Carlena Knight 

[email protected]

Unlike last Sunday’s tense scenes, yesterday’s picket outside Prime Minister Gaston Browne’s office to condemn various governmental Covid policies remained relatively peaceful.

Over 100 persons assembled on Queen Elizabeth Highway to express their frustrations with the government’s virus protocols, particularly the strong-armed measures being taken to encourage more people to get vaccinated.

Many of Thursday’s participants continued to air their frustrations over the tear gas and rubber bullets deployed by police last weekend to disperse demonstrators in lower Market Street.

“Me rather Covid kill me than take the vaccine!” said one protestor.

They vowed to not be deterred – and pledged to continue to picket as it is their right as Antiguans and Barbudans to do so.

“I am here showing my children that it is okay to fight for their rights.

“I was at the protest on Sunday and I was disgusted by what the police did but that is not stopping me from coming today,” said another demonstrator.

“I am here for my children and I am here as an Antiguan and Barbudan. If I do not fight for my country, then who will?”

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