Philip: Plans for sports club in Sea View Farm progressing well

Rolston “Tris” Philip is one of the main individuals behind the formalizing of a sports club in Sea View Farm.
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By Neto Baptiste

Sports in the Sea View Farm community could soon be governed by a single body as plans are in motion for the formation of a sports club.

Rolston “Tris” Philip, one of the main individuals behind the push, said he was motivated to formalise the sports club following a conversation with a fellow villager.

“This is something that was spoken about almost three or four years ago by a gentleman by the name of Robert James. He was somewhat persistent and eventually I decided, because I had been out to two different villages playing sports so I figured, you know what, let me try to bring back at least cricket and a few other sports that have fallen off, back to the village. Now that nothing is really happening it is a good opportunity to uplift various fields at this time, which we have plans to do,” he said.

Philip currently sits as interim chairman of the club with Claire Chastanet as interim secretary. Salange Georges is PRO, with Techesa Charles as interim treasurer.

An election was slated for October 15 but was postponed in an effort to better sensitise the public.

“We’re on a membership drive right now and we are hoping that maybe in the next two weeks into the middle of next month we should be able to have an election and we will step forward from there,” Philip said. There are villages around here that don’t do basketball, they don’t do cricket, so it is not so much about Sea View Farm, but Sea View Farm is the location of what we are trying to build.”

Philip, a cricketer and footballer, said there is a lot of work to be done if the dream of becoming the single governing body for all sports in Sea View Farm is to be successful.

“Presently, we are on a membership drive and we are looking to establish a road map as to where we want to go with the club, or a stage where we want to be. We are looking to do some excavation on the field and we are looking to maybe establish some donations or sponsorships. We know it’s kind of hard these days, but we have people who have come onboard and made their contributions verbally — that if we get fuel to assist with the excavating, then they would give their equipment; and we can’t beat that,” he said.

The positions to be filled during the upcoming elections are president, vice president, general secretary, treasurer, PRO and assistant secretary treasurer.

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