Peterson: My son was out of contract

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Peterson Griffith, the father of national footballer Quinton Griffith, has sought to bring public debate over players’ eligibility to play in the domestic league here.
Speaking on the Good Morning Jojo Sports Show, Peterson said his son who plays for the Charleston Battery in the pro division of the United Soccer League (USL), did not break any international transfer laws when he turned out for Richie Rich Five Islands for part of the 2017/18 Premier Division competition.
“I didn’t want to say anything, but I am just going to put it to rest because this year was Quinton’s option year of whether he wanted to sign back or whether he doesn’t want to. Quinton was retained to the roster for Charleston Battery, but Quinton didn’t sign that contract until he got back to Charleston three Saturday’s ago. When he was playing in Antigua he was a free-agent until he went back up three weeks ago he signed the contract,” he said.
Grenades, on January 7, wrote a letter of protest to the ABFA despite a 1-0 victory over the newly promoted Five Islands FC for which Griffith plied his trade while on island.
Grenades argue that the utility player appeared in Battery’s roster as a contracted player and should not have been allowed to play in the top flight.
Peterson criticised the media, whom he said did not reach out to the player for an explanation.
“For the past couple of months you’ll have been discussing Quinton Griffith and none of you ever come across and tried to touch base with Quinton’s father to see exactly what’s going on,” he said.
Grenades have reportedly written to both CONCACAF and FIFA on the issue as according to General Secretary of the club, Edson Joseph, they will continue to pursue the matter.
“It’s for the good of the game and the spirit of fair play so we are still pursuing the issue. I have all the necessary information that I need to pursue it. We’ve had a meeting on the matter, but I do have the information. I was in the middle of preparing that and completing it,” he said.
In January, President of the Five Islands FC and former national player Fernando Abraham expressed confidence that Griffith is eligible to play and that a decision would be handed down in Five Islands’ favour.

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