Peters: Protest will continue

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As day two of the protest by Fiennes Institute workers continues, President of the Antigua and Barbuda Public Service Association, Joan Peters, has indicated that they do not intend to stop until the promises made by government officials are kept.

Minister of Public Works, Lennox Weston, visited the Fiennes Institute on Thursday morning and pledged to have the workers relocated to another suitable area.

“Mr. Weston came to Fiennes and said they are going to look about Nurse’s Hostel as soon as possible. We hope that he keeps his word so that at least by next week they can move, but the protest will continue until such time. We are not going back down until we see the keys are handed over,” added Peters.

Staff at the Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital have joined forces with those at the Fiennes Institute who are all protesting to be relocated because of poor working conditions.

It has also been reported that workers at the Central Board of Health may also join the protest.

Like those at the Fiennes Institute, staff at Clarevue say that they will not end their action until they are relocated.

Meantime, Health Minister Molwyn Joseph raised the matter with his Cabinet colleagues on Wednesday, stating that this move was an organised effort to cripple the good work of the Ministry of Health.

Joseph told his Cabinet colleagues that mentally ill patients are likely to find the institution’s ability to deliver service much slower.

He said this is happening even after the Government set aside monies and material to complete the rehabilitation of the several buildings at the three sites.

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