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People interacting with cruise passengers may require mandatory vaccination

Cabinet discussed several sensible responses to the Florida rule which prohibits cruise vessels from enquiring into the vaccine status of passengers who board cruise ships in Florida.

The rule further prevents cruise vessels from segregating vaccinated from unvaccinated passengers heading to our Caribbean shores. Following intense discussions and after examining the alternatives, the Cabinet agreed that the best defense by Antigua is to ensure that all officials and employees of shops and restaurants, vendors and drivers, and the multiple others who the cruise passengers are likely to meet, be vaccinated, properly masked, and ready to receive the visitors.

A zoom meeting with the various associations (including the Merchants, the Taxi Drivers, the Vendors, the Tour Operators) and a select number of Cabinet members will take place on July 5.

Cabinet notes said that confining un-vaccinated passengers to cruise vessels will not be possible since the passengers are likely to be untruthful when asked if they are vaccinated upon disembarking.

It was also made clear that the measures in place at the country’s airport cannot be reasonably duplicated at the seaport.  

Cabinet is urging the public to get vaccinated.



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