Pay attention to Hurricane Irma says met office

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Residents in Antigua and Barbuda are being urged to pay close attention to the passage of Hurricane Irma which is now a Category 3  system.
The Director of Antigua and Barbuda’s Meteorological Office, Keithley Meade says the storm track shows that Irma is heading towards the Caribbean. 
“More than anything else, this is the one storm we should be  aware of and be concerned about because some of the models put it pretty close to the islands.  Of course, it is still early, still far out but we continue to monitor it. From what we are seeing  it is quite possible it will come quite close to the island,” he cautioned.
Meade wants residents to take early precautionary measures and be prepared for any potential storm.
“We have asked persons to be prepared and for those persons who have not done anything, now is the time they really should start because of what I’ve said before. We are asking persons to be aware…,” he said.
This morning, Irma was just a Tropical Storm but now, as a hurricane, it is producing sustained winds of 115 miles per hour and is forecast to be an “extremely dangerous” storm for the next several days, according to the National Hurricane Centre.
You can see the full list of emergency shelters for 2017 here.

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