Past Profiles: Living with HIV/AIDS | Jane Doe #3

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black young woman thinking doubts illustration female hipster character with dreamy face abstract background ai generated bright drawn colorful poster 107173 44503
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Never Too Young To Die

29th June 2006

By Susan Noyce

The profiles featured so far have been diversefrom those who contracted HIV innocently while being monogamouswhile being a monogamous partner,  to those who couldn’t tell you who they got it from, even if the cure lay in the answer.  This week, we see HIV from a young person’s perspective, a young woman who’s living with the virus.  It’s been said that older men prefer to have sex with young, unspoiled girls, as their chances of contracting anything is less. But how true is that?  In turn, the younger you are, the more you assume death is a long way off. The young woman in this profile has come to realize that’s not true.  Some people may choose to believe those stories are made up. Who wouldn’t think, who wouldn’t like to think that this really isn’t happening in Little Antigua?  But the truth is, the people you’re reading about might be crossing your path every day, and one of them just might be the next person you have sex with.  An ounce of prevention, as they say, could save you, whether you choose to believe these accounts or not.  

Jane Doe #3 

I’m an 18-year-old fifth-form student. 

I’m beautiful, I’m intelligent, I’m HIV positive. 

I’d heard a lot about the disease, but it was not until I became a victim that I actually understood. 

I found out about having HIV two years ago.  

I was infected during a one-night stand. 

I went to the birthday party of a friend and met this really handsome, wonderful guy. We danced for a while and things just happened.  

He didn’t use a condom and somehow I was slightly drunk.  

It was actually my first time. It wasn’t meant to happen like this, but it did.  

Things got really out of hand. 

After he realized I had been a virgin, he apologized to me and promised to see me again. 

He gave me his number and I gave him mine.  

I called a couple of times and every time I called the number he gave me, I was told, this is the wrong number. 

He never called me. Well, after a while, I just gave up.  

It bothered me, however, that I gave myself to him not knowing exactly who he was. 

And not only that, but I let a complete stranger be my first.

Life has many obstacles, as they say, and I wasn’t about to let this stand in my way. 

But little did I know, there was something worse to come.  

I became ill and did a series of tests. It was then that I discovered I was HIV positive.  

I was devastated and so were my parents.

They stood behind me and have been good to me. 

I didn’t know what I would have done without them by my side.  

I believe the guy who infected me gave me the wrong number for a reason.  

If he is reading this, I want him to know that he is, that he knowingly infected.

I want him to know that if he knowingly infected me, he will burn in hell for he has committed murder.  

I want him to know that he has cut short the life of someone who has a lot to live for.  

I can only imagine how many young women have become his victims. 

Antigua is a small island, and one day we may just meet face to face.  

I don’t see how I can forgive him right now, but I cannot just blame him, as I have to blame myself as well.  

I should not have been so easy.  

I should have thought about what I was doing.  

Yes, there are times it doesn’t bother me that I am HIV positive, especially when I am caught up doing other things. 

Like helping someone dear, or giving a word of advice here.  

My friends don’t know, only my parents know.  

I am looking like a regular teenager, with regular everything.  

I have often wondered though, what my future holds.

Will I get married, or how will I have children of my own?  

The career I want to pursue is in medicine.  

I want to become a doctor.  

I am trying to take things one at a time, and I am praying a cure will be found very soon.  

To everyone out there who is reading this, I hope by reading this, your life may be saved. 

That you will never become a victim.  

It is not wise to have unprotected sex. 

I have always thought that HIV AIDS is around for a reason. 

Please listen, get as much knowledge as possible.  

Don’t be ready to just jump into bed.  

Abstain, if you feel you can’t abstain, use a condom.  

For the life you save might be your very own.

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