Party Monarch brings in the Bacchanal

Crowd favourite Ezzy Rattigan delivering a winning performance of Golden Cup which secured the $25,000 prize and title of Jumpy Soca Monarch 2013. (File photo)

As the young folks would say, “there cannot be any carnival without bacchanal” and that is really true when one thinks about the Lime Party Monarch Competition, 2014.

Yes! You heard the news: first two popular deejays were sacked from performing master of ceremonies duties during this year’s carnival shows.

Minister of Culture Paul “Chet” Greene said earlier this week the contracts for Bruce “Supa Dyamond” Barthley, who has been the MC for Party Monarch competition for the last 10 years, and Steve “Ibis” Freeland – who hosts Teen Splash – had not been renewed because of their deportment on the political campaign trail.

That action forced members of the then Party Monarch Sub-committee to tender their resignations.

Fast track back to today, the dust has settled, a new committee is in place and, yes, the show will go on.

Newly- installed Chairperson Cleofoster Harris said the show will start promptly at 8 pm (barring no rain or other circumstances).

It will feature three hosts and an interesting side-line act.

”Our new host we have, Jessy Fire, Zugulous and resident host Brucella Marsh has been there for years, so she will be the rose between the two thorns on the night of the show,” Harris said.

As for the entertainment, it will be a case of Lion’s Den meeting the Antigua Recreation Grounds, as Clarence “Sir Oungku” Edwards and the Red Hot Flames is down to rock the house.

“It will be a large show in terms of entertainment that night, Lincoln “Blade” Stanisclaus will open the show with a performance,” Harris said.

Harris also explained the format of the show will remain the same with minor changes, chief among them the DJ competition.

This, he said, will be scrapped from the show because not many individuals have shown interest.

In the groovy segment of the show, Bankers, CP, Ezzy Rattigan, K Lee, Laurena Davis, Lyrical Reds, Menace, Natural Rampler and Ricardo Drue will seek to take the crown which sits on the head of reigning Groovy Monarch Tian Winter.

Reigning Jumpy Monarch Ezzy Rattigan will be seeking to retain his crown.

His contenders are Claudette “CP” Peters, Hard Knaxx, Lion King, Lyrical Reds, Laurena Davis, Menace, Natural Rampler, Ricardo Drue and Set-on.

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